• <h3>Mabey Mats lay the stage and provide protection for TomorrowWorld Concert</h3> <p>Organizers of the TomorrowWorld concert turned to Mabey for help mitigating ground damage at the event site, in farmland areas of Georgia, USA. We initially provided around 50,000 square feet of matting, which was rapidly increased when heavy rain meant TomorrowWorld required further support from us to protect the show location and wider environment</p>
  • <h3>Mabey Bridge responds to provide NATO forces support in Afghanistan </h3>
<p>When NATO forces found themselves unable to respond quickly to insurgent attacks on  Camp Marmal in Afghanistan, the German-led command called on Mabey Bridge to deliver a river-crossing solution that would not only enable the area to be secured, but would provide a convenient crossing for local people.</p3>
  • <h3>Mabey Hire provides rapid response when 90 year old bridge weakens</h3>
<p> We had to respond quickly in Frodsham, Cheshire, UK, when the 90 year old bridge carrying busy truck road over water began to deteriorate. Urgent support was needed and supplied as we installed a temporary bridge, whilst conducting permanent repairs to the existing weakened structure. </p3>

Mabey is a major engineering organisation which provides bridging, specialist steel fabrication and non-mechanical plant rental.

We have a strong tradition of innovation in engineering and bridge-building which will continue to shape our vision for the future. From our foundations in 1923, we have built up our reputation for providing innovative products into the worldwide construction industry.

Employing 1,100 people in 115 countries around the world, we have set the standard for shoring, propping, bridging and specialist steelwork across the utilities, highways, rail and building sectors.

The Group of companies comprise Mabey Bridge, Mabey Hire, Mabey Inc. and Mabey Hire PTY.

We bring our expertise to partnerships with designers, contractors, installers and clients in both the public and private sectors. Our capability is based on state-of-theart design technology, an extensive network of depots for rental equipment and manufacturing capacity, currently approaching 100,000 tonnes a year.

We’re proud to have improved the built infrastructure across the UK and around the world; from bespoke, award-winning designs that grace many modern cities, to emergency humanitarian solutions that help populations in disaster-hit areas, through to many innovative
temporary works solutions that make construction safe and efficient.